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Dear Parents and Dancers,

 February is already here and recital dances are well under way in all of the classes performing in the recital. Recital music Dropbox links were emailed in mid-January. If you are having trouble with this link, please email the studio. Remind your dancers to practice using the music we have provided. It is more fun and much easier to practice as you go, rather than waiting until the last minute to try and practice the entire dance as it gets close to the recital!

 TUITION REMINDER – February tuition must be paid by Thursday, February 7th (also any other past due tuition payments) to be eligible for the $50 gift certificate drawing. Late payments will incur a $5.00 per week late fee. Congratulations to Theresa Pipenhagen, winner of last month’s gift certificate drawing!

 HOLIDAY SHOWCASE DVDs – Holiday Showcase DVDs will be available for pick up at the studio beginning MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11th. You may still place an order for a Holiday Showcase DVD at $45.00 per DVD. Late orders placed by Saturday, February 16th will be available for pick up at the studio beginning Monday, March 11th. Any late orders placed after February 16th will be charged a $10.00 late fee bringing the total cost to $50.00 per DVD.

 “ALL BOYS” RECITAL DANCE – As many of you know, each year all of the boys enrolled at Young Dance Academy are eligible to participate in our “all boys” number in the June recitals.  All families with a boy enrolled at the studio will receive an email next week with further details. 

 RECITAL SCHEDULE – I have been working on the recital and rehearsal schedules for our June recitals and will have completed schedules to you by the end of March. My most important goal is to make sure that dancers in the same family perform all of their dances in at least one show together. This process is done so families do not have to purchase tickets for more than one performance if they do not desire to do so. It is very difficult to make this possible for all families, and occasionally, I cannot accommodate everyone. Also, it is impossible to make allowances for those going on vacations, etc. however; I do realize that some things are out of our control, such as graduations and family weddings. DANCERS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL PERFORMANCES SCHEDULED FOR THEIR PARTICULAR CLASS. If your dancer is required to dance in 3 shows, they must be there for all 3 performances and corresponding dress rehearsals. Our dancers do not stay in one particular spot on stage for the duration of their dance. They are continuously changing formations and it is unfair to expect the rest of the class to accommodate for your dancer’s empty spot because of a trip to Great America or leaving early for a family vacation before the end of recital week. Once the schedule is finished, NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE! Changing it would affect too many people so once it is done it is final. Please note that the majority of classes will perform in 2-3 shows.

 PLEASE NOTE: Dancers and parents, please pay particularly close attention to the policy that dancers need to be at ALL of their scheduled performances. In the past, we have had dancers not show up for a scheduled performance, but managed to make it to the show that they had purchased tickets for their family. This causes many problems backstage before the show and can negatively affect the performance of others. Please phone the studio ahead of time if your child is injured or ill at the last minute and will not be able to make a scheduled performance.



 RECITAL SHOES – Many people have recently asked questions about dyeing dance shoes for the recital. Please do not dye any shoes until just before recital pictures. Dye can be purchased at most cobbler or shoe repair shops. The elastic straps on ballet slippers cannot be dyed, so the elastic must be changed to match the shoe color. Laces on jazz shoes cannot be dyed and must also be replaced. When dying ballet slippers pink; choose a light pastel pink to match the pink ballet slippers sold at the studio. Test the color on scrap material before applying to dance shoes! Do not forget to check our bulletin board in the hallway in between the boys’ and girls’ dressing rooms. Even if you do not need shoes yourself, there are many people looking for shoes that you may have at home and can get rid of usefully. If you have put a note on the board and have sold shoes, remember to remove your note to make room for new notes. Also, the board in the hallway is for shoes and dancewear ONLY and not for any other advertising.

 SNOW CLOSINGS – As a general rule, the studio is closed when Oak Creek Public schools close due to inclement weather.  If you are unsure if we will be closed, please call the studio, check our website and check on FOX 6 (Channel 6) or at You may request a make up class if you so desire. As it states in our fall brochure, no refunds are given for classes canceled due to weather conditions.  PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT CLOSE FOR PREDICTED STORMS.

 Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

Sandy & Staff


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Dear Parents and Dancers,

We hope you are enjoying your holiday vacations and will be ready to return to classes in full swing beginning Saturday, January 5th!

Our 11th Annual Holiday Showcase was a HUGE success and we thank everyone who participated as well as those who came to see the performances! We were very fortunate to have the weather cooperate for us on Saturday, December 15th during this season of unpredictable Wisconsin weather! Parents, you did an absolutely amazing job with everything from costuming your dancers to bringing them to their rehearsals! You all worked together and stayed positive and enthusiastic! Thank you again to Emma Dresen, Nicole Patterson and Barb Pergande, and all of the amazing volunteers who helped make the rehearsals and shows run so smoothly. We are all excited and looking forward to working with you again in the future as we plan our June recitals and rehearsals!

A portion of the profits from our 11th Annual Holiday Showcase was donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Southeastern Wisconsin.

To order a DVD or Blue-Ray of the performances, please fill out and return an order form with full payment to the front desk. Each DVD or Blu-Ray includes both the 2pm & 6pm performances AND the video clip of pictures set to music highlighting preparations for the showcase! DVDs and Blu-Rays are priced at $40.00 each. Full payment must accompany your order. Orders will be taken through Saturday, January 12th. Any orders received after January 12th, between January 14th and February 9th, will be charged a $5 late fee. Late orders received after February 9th will be charged a $10 late fee. Get your DVD and Blu-Ray orders in by January 12th!

DVDs and Blu-Rays will be ready for pick up on Monday, February 11th, 2019.

If you haven’t picked up your Holiday Showcase t-shirt, it is available at the front desk.

IMPORTANT INFO CONCERNING BACKSTAGE VOLUNTEERS FOR OUR JUNE RECITALS – We are so thankful and extremely appreciative of all of our parent volunteers who generously donate their time during our December Holiday Showcase day and during our June recital week each dance season.  As you can imagine, we need to have backstage dressing rooms adequately staffed to take great care of all of the dancers, especially those youngest dancers who need lots of help with trips to the bathroom, costume changing and general attention. We had an amazing group of parents backstage helping with the Holiday Showcase and hope you will volunteer for the June recitals as well. We will need lots of volunteers for June so please keep us in mind when the time comes for volunteering!

Recital Costumes – The costume orders are complete and most classes were shown a picture of their recital costume prior to our holiday break. You will be receiving a 2019 Recital Shoe Style & Color information sheet during the week beginning January 14th that lists the shoe requirements for each class for the June recital. The 2019 Recital Shoe Style & Color information sheet will also be conveniently available on our YDA app.

IMPORTANT – Please note the shoes pictured in the recital costume book are not necessarily the style and/or color chosen for your dancer’s class. Please refer to the 2019 Recital Shoe & Color information sheet for the required shoe style and color of your dancer’s class when it becomes available beginning January 14th. Please order all shoes by early April! We encounter problems with shoes on backorder every year for those who wait too long to place their recital shoe order.

RECITAL SHOES – If you only need to change your dancer’s shoe color, most can be dyed (wait until just before recital pictures in May). If you need a completely different style of shoe than what your dancer already has and you do not wish to order a brand new pair, you may post a shoe request on the bulletin board in between the boys and girls dressing rooms. State the shoe style, color and approximate size you need. Be sure to include your name and telephone number on the card as well. You may also post if you have used shoes as well. Do not wait until the last minute! Now is the time to try to sell or buy used shoes! Note: Please avoid putting your dancer in a position where they have the incorrect shoes.  Please follow the shoe requirements to achieve a uniform look for the recital dance.

NEW THIS YEAR – RECITAL MUSIC – All Young Dance families will be receiving an email with their dancer’s recital music. You will be able to listen to the music via Dropbox. Emails will be sent out no later than Friday, January 18th.

MONTHLY TUITION January tuition is due this week SATURDAY, January 5th through FRIDAY, January 11th, 2019. Any payment made after Saturday, January 11th is considered late and will require a $5.00 per week late fee. The winner of the $50 YDA Gift Certificate for December is Miles Dunk! Congratulations, Miles! Don’t forget to get your tuition payment in by January 11th to be eligible for our $50 Gift Certificate drawing for February!

UPCOMING DANCE CONVENTION – If you are interested in attending the New York City Dance Alliance dance convention in Rosemont, IL on February 9th & 10th, you must register at the front desk by Saturday, January 12th. A registration form can be found attached with this email and also at the front desk. Conventions are open to all YDA students age 7 & older. There is also an opportunity for 5-7 year olds to attend convention classes in a program through NYCDA called “Ready, Set, Dance”. Pick-up more information at the front desk today! Dance conventions are a great way to provide our dancers with a chance to take classes with professionals from all over the country. It is also a way for parents to observe their young dancers in a competitive dance environment and therefore help to assess their level of interest in the “sport” of dance.

INDIVIDUAL CLASS RECITAL PERFORMANCES – In late March you will receive a schedule of when each class will perform in the recitals, June 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th and 15th, 2019. Classes may perform in anywhere between 3 and 7 of the shows.  Our audiences are getting larger every year and in order for your guests to see all of your children together during one performance, it is necessary that your dancer’s classes perform in at least three shows.

You do not need to attend more than one show as parents in the audience. You may drop your dancer off backstage with their assigned dance-sitter or stay backstage and be a volunteer. We will be asking for volunteers to help out backstage at a later date. All dancers are expected to perform in ALL performanceS for which they are scheduled so you need to reserve ALL show dates until the list is complete in the middle of March.

RECITAL TICKETS – This year we are again planning a ticket lottery to avoid any lines for purchasing recital tickets. Recital ticket sales will be held on Saturday, April 27th. More details will follow in the upcoming Newsletters. Recital ticket cost is $15.00 per ticket for all shows. For more ticket information, please refer to our studio brochure.

LOST AND FOUND – Our lost & found will be emptied and all items will be donated after Saturday, January 12th. Please check the lost and found this week upon returning to classes. Classes begin again on Saturday, January 5th.

SNOW CLOSINGS – Just a reminder… As it states in our studio brochure, the studio will be closed and no classes will be held when the Oak Creek public schools close due to the weather. It is by judgment of the owner to close the studio due to inclement weather on Saturdays or during after school hours. If you are in doubt as to whether classes are being held, please call the studio for a recorded message or check on our website, No refunds will be given for classes canceled due to the weather. Dancers may attend a make-up class upon request. In addition, we are registered with Fox 6 and their Storm Team, so watch for our possible closing on TVs Channel 6 or

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – Our spring Parent Observation Week is Monday, April 1st through Saturday, April 6th. Looking forward to having you all in the classrooms in April!

AS A REMINDER…dancers may eat in the lobby area ONLY, not the dressing rooms or hallways.  Thank you for helping to keep the studio clean and pest free!

Thank you & Happy New Year!

Sandy and Staff


Click to download a printable version here!

Dear Parents and Dancers,

 Thank you to everyone who attended classes during parent observation week last month! It was great to see so many of you! We hope you noticed as much progress and enthusiasm in your dancer as we do! If you have any questions or concerns please call the studio and your dancer’s teacher will get back to you promptly. All dancers should be confirmed in all classes at this time as recital costumes have been ordered. It will be difficult to make changes at this time.

 Our 11th Annual Holiday Showcase

 Thank you to all who signed up to participate in the 2 performances of our 11th Annual Holiday Showcase “A Candy Land Christmas” to be held in the Henry Ross Auditorium at Greendale High School on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15th! We have over 250 dancers participating this season!

 Dancers have been busy working on their individual choreography and we are excited to begin our IN COSTUME staging rehearsals on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1st and SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2nd! You should have already received 3 separate Holiday Showcase informational emails. The most recent notes are the staging in-costume rehearsal schedule for both Saturday, December 1st and Sunday, December 2nd and the ticket purchasing information.  If your dancer is signed up for the Holiday Showcase and you are missing any of these documents please contact the studio immediately so we can get those notes to you.

 Please note: Holiday Showcase participants will receive the schedule for Saturday & Sunday, December 8th & 9th

via email on Monday, December 3rd.

 Please remember to check your email daily!  The next Holiday Showcase note will be sent Monday, December 3rd.  If your dancer is a Holiday Showcase participant and you do not receive an email from us on Monday, December 3rd, please contact the studio immediately so we can get the note to you.

 TICKETS for our Holiday Showcase are $12.00 each.

Tickets for families with dancers participating in the Holiday Showcase go on sale Monday, December 3rd.

December tuition must be paid in full to receive your tickets.

Remaining tickets will be sold to the general public on Tuesday, December 4th beginning at 4:30 p.m.

All seating is reserved.

 There will be lots of holiday treats and gifts for you to purchase for your dancers before and after each of the performances. Our TI dancers will be selling holiday floral bouquets and lots of other goodies as they continue to raise funds for their trip to Dance Excellence 2020! Thank you to all that have been supporting their goals!


THIS YEAR WE WILL BE DONATING AGAIN TO the Ronald McDonald House of Milwaukee!


 CONFIRMED RECITAL DATES!!! – Please make sure you received the October newsletter confirming our 2019 recital and dress rehearsal dates at Greendale High School. You are also able to download our monthly newsletters from our website as they become available at As it states in our studio brochure, dancers do not perform in every show. A performance schedule will be available in late-March or early April. The performance schedule will list the recital dates in which your dancer’s class will participate.

 NEW THIS YEAR – IMPORTANTAll June recital show times are at 7:00pm with the exception of the Sunday, June 9th performance. The Sunday, June 9th performance will be a 2:00pm matinee. Please make note of this on your calendars at this time.

 DECEMBER MONTHLY TUITION – Don’t forget your December tuition is due beginning Saturday, December 1st. Any payment made after Friday, December 7th is considered late and you will be charged a $5.00 per week late fee. Be sure to pay your tuition on time so that you are automatically entered into the raffle for our $50 Gift Certificate drawing. The winner of the $50 YDA Gift Certificate for November was Leana Jolla. Congratulations, Leana!

 IMPORTANT REMINDERYou must have your tuition paid in full for the month of December in order to purchase Holiday Showcase tickets.

 DANCEWEAR ORDERS – Any items that were ordered by Saturday, November 17th will be in before Christmas vacation. Any embroidered or screen printed items that are ordered after November 17th cannot be guaranteed for Christmas. However, you may still place an order and we will do our best to get it in by Christmas. Don’t forget to check out our apparel on the racks in the lobby! These items can be purchased off the rack and do not need to be ordered.

 YOUNG DANCE ACADEMY GIFT CERTIFICATES – YDA gift certificates are available (any dollar amount) year round. They make great Christmas gifts and are good for any purchases made at the studio, including monthly tuition!

 SNOW CLOSINGS – As it states in our brochure, the studio will be closed and no classes will be held when the Oak Creek schools call a “snow day.” It is the judgment of the owner as to whether the studio will be closed due to bad weather on a Saturday or during after school hours. If you are in doubt as to whether classes are being held, please call the studio for a recorded message or take a look at our website at You may also log on to to confirm our snow closings. No refunds are given for classes missed due to a “snow day.” Your child may attend a make-up class upon request.

 NEW THIS YEAR – Classes will be held during the week after our Holiday Showcase from Monday, December 17th through Thursday, December 20th. This is the time that dancers will see a picture of their recital costume, hear their recital music and in most cases, dancers will be learning combinations for their June recital dances. (Saturday classes will be shown pictures of their June recital costumes on Saturday, December 8th.) Don’t miss your classes during the week before Christmas!

 COMING IN JANUARY – After Christmas vacation, teachers will be working on recital dances for about 15 minutes at the end of each class. During the first part of January, you will receive via email a “Shoe Style & Color” information sheet that will list each class and the shoes that will be required for the recital.

 Hope to see you at our 11th Annual Holiday Showcase “A Candy Land Christmas” on Saturday, December 15th at 2 and 6 PM.  Remember… If you have a dancer performing in the Holiday Showcase, please check daily for email updates. Holiday showcase participants: your day to purchase tickets is MONDAY, DECEMBER 3rd. If you have not received an email concerning ticket sales and your specific ticket purchasing time, please contact the studio prior to Monday, December 3rd. All remaining tickets will be on sale at the studio on Tuesday, December 4th beginning at 4:30 p.m.

                                              Have a wonderful holiday season!

                                              Thank you,

                                             Sandy and Staff


Click here to download a printable version.

Dear Parents and Dancers,

 MONTHLY NEWSLETTERS and ANNOUNCEMENTS – Please make sure that you are receiving our monthly newsletters, which are emailed to you once per month. Hard copies of the newsletters are also available in the studio lobby. If you did not receive the September or October newsletter(s), copies are available at the front desk or you can download newsletters from our website at A Holiday Showcase 2018 Newsletter was emailed out to you on Friday, October 5th. Be sure you have received this newsletter explaining this great performance opportunity for your dancer(s)! If you are not receiving emails, please update your current email address at the front desk.

 MONTHLY TUITIONJust a reminder, November tuition is due Thursday, November 1st through Wednesday, November 7th! Any payment made after Wednesday, November 7th is considered late and requires a $5.00 per week late fee. The winner of the $50 YDA Gift Certificate in October was Madison Lower! Congratulations, Madison! Don’t forget to pay your November tuition by the 7th to be eligible for our $50 YDA Gift Certificate drawing for December!

 Dont forget to sign up for our 2018 Holiday Showcase!

You should have received emails on Friday, October 5th & Monday, October 22nd concerning our 2018 Holiday Showcase to be held at Greendale High School in the Henry Ross Auditorium on Saturday, December 15th.

 The Holiday Showcase “Costuming & Music Information” email sent on Monday, October 22nd details what your dancer will need for the performances. Please do not hesitate to ask you if you have any questions!

 A Candy Land Christmas will be performed at 2:00 p.m. and at 6:00 p.m. Dancers must be able to perform in both shows!



This is primarily for parents ONLY, as we do not have room to accommodate additional relatives and friends. The only seating available is the floor. You may bring a folding chair with you for your comfort. Please remember to be considerate of dancers, teachers and other parents and take crying and/or noisy children out of the room. Siblings are not permitted to wait outside the classrooms unsupervised. Please turn off all cell phones and refrain from conversations during your dancer’s class as a courtesy to BOTH the dancers and teachers. Thank you for your cooperation in helping make observation week run smoothly!

 PARKING LOT REGULATIONSThere will be an especially large volume of dancers and parents in the parking lot and on the street during Parent Observation Week. Please think of safety as your priority and not convenience each time you enter and exit our parking lot. Please strictly follow the guidelines below to ensure the safety of all:

 * Please do not stop your car anywhere in the parking lot unless it is in an actual parking space!

 * Do not sit in your vehicle waiting for your dancer unless it is in an actual parking space!

 * Do not block the driveway or any part of the parking lot as it disrupts the flow of traffic!  Keep your car moving unless it is in a space.

 * Please always take young dancers by the hand and walk them in and out of the building.  Watch for children at all times as they are often darting in between cars.

 * Drive slowly at all times.

 Remember that parking on the south side of Marquette Ave. is prohibited on Saturdays during open studio hours. Please remember to park only the north side of Marquette Ave. on Saturdays.

 RECITAL COSTUME MEASURING – Dancers were measured for June recital costumes during the week of Monday, September 27th. Costume orders will be placed the second week of November. Please make certain you are content with the classes in which you are enrolled. Changing classes will be difficult once the costume orders are placed.

 Since we now order costumes 7-8 months before they are worn for our June recitals, we do allow for growth. In most cases, costumes are ordered an entire size larger than the measurements indicate.  Costumes are ordered early as most companies take approximately 4-6 months to ship.

 Recital costumes do NOT come custom fit! Sizing is “general” and most costume styles are available in child and adult sizes small, medium and large only. If someone appears to be in between sizes, we generally order the larger size. If costumes need to be adjusted in any way, it is the dancers’ responsibility to have alterations done.  We cannot judge how much or how little each child will grow within 7-8 months. We are also dealing with many costume companies with different size charts and different manufacturers.

 Please, do not expect a custom fit costume and realize that you are responsible for having the costume altered. Also, please note that oftentimes costumes have to be ordered in a larger size for those with long legs to ensure a long enough leg for costumes that include a pant. 

 IMPORTANT – If you have been a student in the past and the costumes you receive each year are habitually way too big or even too small, please let us know TODAY so we can adjust your dancer’s costume size if necessary.  In some cases, a dancer’s measurements are deceiving, especially those with extra long or extra short torsos.  We’d like to rectify a situation before it is a problem if we are able. 


 The studio will be closed Monday, November 19th – Saturday, November 24th for Thanksgiving vacation.

 The studio will be closed for Christmas vacation FRIDAY, December 21st – FRIDAY, January 4th. Classes resume on Saturday, January 5th.  I will remind you of these dates again in the December newsletter.

 You will notice that December is a “short” month with our Holiday Showcase and vacation days for Christmas and New Years. As it states in our brochure, full tuition is paid every month no matter how many vacation days are in that month. Vacation days, etc. are figured into our yearly schedule so that each class receives the same number of classes per year no matter which day your dancer attends class.

 TI PROGRAM NEWS – Thank you to all the dancers and their friends who attended our Spook-tacular Halloween-themed Dance Party on Saturday, October 20th. Everyone had so much fun! All profits will benefit the TI dancers who hosted the party, covering their fees for the Joffrey Ballet Summer Program auditions coming up in January 2019.

 TI dancers are taking orders for Poinsettia Plants NOW through Thursday, November 15th.  Plants will be available for pick-up on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7th. The plants come in a variety of sizes and range in price from $17.00 & up and are available in a variety of gorgeous colors.  We have been told that our prices are the most inexpensive people have seen!  They are truly beautiful plants!  Place your orders for poinsettia plants at the front desk or with any TI dancer TODAY!

 MILWAUKEE BUCKS HALF-TIME PERFORMANCEThe competitive dancers of the TI Program will be performing at half-time on Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at the Milwaukee Bucks vs. the Brooklyn Nets game at the Fiserv Forum. If you are interested in attending and would like to sit with other YDA families, watch for more information about our block of tickets after the holidays!

 HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS – Young Dance gift certificates in any monetary amount are available for purchase and make great holiday gifts! This month we will have many more YDA items on our dancewear racks including stylish leotards, sweatshirts, t-shirts and pants!  All custom orders must be placed by Saturday, november 17TH IN order to Ensure they will be in before christmas vacation.

 HOLIDAY LIGHTS FESTIVAL – Many of our TI dancers will be performing on Thursday, November 15th at the 20th Annual Holiday Lights Festival downtown! Watch for their performance to be televised on WISN Channel 12! Or better yet, come see the live performance at Pere Marquette Park on Thursday, November 15th beginning at 5:00pm!


                                                                                                         Hope to see you during Parent Observation Week!

                                                                                                         Happy Thanksgiving!

                                                                                                         Sandy and Staff


Click HERE to download a printable version.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the second newsletter you should have received since the start of the 2018–2019 dance season. Please make sure you have received a copy of the September 2018 newsletter via email, the YDA app or have picked up a hard copy at the desk. If you have not, you may go to the “Newsletters” section of our website to view monthly newsletters.

OCTOBER TUITION – October is here and just a reminder, monthly tuition payments are due within the first 7 days of each month. Payments made after SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6TH are considered late and will require a $5.00 PER WEEK LATE FEE regardless of whether or not your dancer is absent during the first week of any given month. Please mail your tuition check to the studio if your dancer misses their class during the 1st-7th of the month.

Reminder: All 1st of the Month-Auto Pay payments will be debited from checking accounts/credit cards on the first of each month.

MONTHLY GIFT CERTIFICATE RAFFLE – Dancers whose monthly tuition is paid by the 7th of each month are eligible for our $50 gift certificate raffle. Our drawing is held on the 8th of each month. Gift certificates can be used for monthly tuition, recital tickets or dancewear including shoes and tights, and recital tickets.

CLASS SCHEDULES – We hope that everyone is happy with their class schedules and enjoying the beginning of the dance season. Please remember to let us know of any questions or concerns you have throughout the year so we may address them right away. Please make sure you have read our brochure thoroughly so there are no surprises. Be aware, for example, that there is a limit on recital tickets and that you may not videotape our recitals as they are professionally videotaped. Please be informed! If you have questions, please refer to our Parent Portal or ask one of our front desk staff!


We are hosting our annual Halloween Dance Party on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20TH from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Cost is $20.00 per dancer. If you bring a friend not currently enrolled at Young Dance, you will receive a $10 credit to your account at Young Dance! Students age 4 & older only please (no parent supervision required). Costumes are encouraged… prize giveaways for the best costumes! Snacks and juice are provided along with crafts, games, treats, dancing, a haunted house and MUCH MORE! Sign up TODAY at the front desk!

REMINDER TO PARENTS and DANCERS – We would like to remind parents and dancers to please keep the hallways clear. Do not sit or stand in front of classroom doorways. Hallway conversation disturbs ongoing classes and makes it necessary for teachers to close their doors. Sitting in the hallways also interrupts traffic flow to and from the lavatories and locker rooms. Please enjoy our lobby! In addition, the lavatories are NOT to be used for changing clothes please! Use the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms only. Thank you for your consideration.

HAVE YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY AT YOUNG DANCE! – Just a reminder that Young Dance Academy offers birthday party packages! Birthday parties are available on Sundays between 11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. OR 2:00–4:00 p.m. Book your party today as dates are filling up quickly! Cost is only $15.00 per party attendee and includes the following: set-up and clean-up, decorations in your choice of favorite colors, paper goods and utensils, snacks and juice, games, face painting, activities, and dancing!

PARENT OBSERVATION WEEK – Please make note that our first Parent Observation Week will be held next month Monday, November 12th through Saturday, November 17th. This is primarily for parents ONLY, as we do not have room to accommodate additional relatives and friends. The only seating available is the floor. You may bring a folding chair with you for your comfort. Please remember to be considerate of dancers, teachers and other parents and take crying and/or noisy children out of the room. Siblings are not permitted to wait outside the classrooms unsupervised. PLEASE TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES AND REFRAIN FROM CONVERSATIONS DURING YOUR DANCER’S CLASS AS A COURTESY TO BOTH THE DANCERS AND TEACHERS. Thank you for your cooperation in helping make observation week run smoothly!

STUDIO DRESS CODE – Please make sure your dancer is coming to class with the proper dance attire. Street and school clothes are not acceptable. Dance clothes make you feel like a dancer and therefore the atmosphere is that of a dance class. I know we occasionally forget if we are coming right from school, but please be conscientious about being prepared for class. This includes proper hairstyle and dance shoes please! Students who continuously come to class without proper dance attire will be instructed to sit out of class and observe. Feel free to ask your child’s teacher if you have a question if a specific item they have is acceptable. PLEASE REVIEW THE DRESS CODE ON THE PARENT PORTAL! REMINDER for OUR PRESCHOOL AGE DANCERS – Skirts and tutus are not to be worn to class as it states on our website under our dress code policy. It can be difficult for our youngest dancers to understand the “no skirt or tutu” rules if other dancers are wearing them. The purpose of this rule is for the dancer to focus on the activity of dance. Thank you for your help in this matter!

DANCERS IN COMBO CLASSES – Please make sure that your dancer has the proper regulation ballet shoes – ALL LEATHER OR CANVAS, NO-SLIP SUEDE OR CANVAS SOLE WITH ELASTIC STRAPS. Please have the proper shoes by the end of October. Orders placed here at the studio take approximately 2 weeks to come in if we do not have the shoes you desire in stock.

TAP DANCERS – Please make sure your dancer is able to walk on the balls of their feet without the heel of their shoe sliding off of their foot. It is difficult to tap dance properly on the balls of your feet if your shoes are too big.

NEW DANCEWEAR – New dancewear items are available for you to purchase off of our racks in the studio lobby at this time! More new items, colors and designs will be added throughout the season. You may special order items on our racks in the size you need if the size you desire is “sold out”. However, there will be an additional $5.00 per item “special order fee”.

JUNE 2019 RECITAL AND REHEARSAL DATES – The following recital dates are confirmed performance dates at the GREENDALE HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM. These dates are also listed in the studio brochure and on our website.


Ticket prices are $15.00 per reserved seat for all of our recital performances. Make careful note of the above listed show dates on your June 2018 calendar. Mark your calendars TODAY!

In late April or early May you will receive a dress rehearsal schedule with exact dates and times that each specific class will rehearse on stage, in costume at the Greendale High School Auditorium. Each class will rehearse approximately 25 minutes onstage and spend approximately 35 – 40 minutes off stage for warm-up and off stage rehearsing. The dates below are confirmed rehearsal dates. Remember you will not receive a specific rehearsal date and time for each particular class until April or May. Saturday, June 1st rehearsals will begin at approximately 12:00 noon and all weekday rehearsals will begin at approximately 4:00 p.m. Please put all rehearsal dates on your calendar until you receive an exact schedule.


IMPORTANT: Please realize that school will still be in session for most dancers during rehearsal week. I plan to do my best to accommodate graduations, but cannot work around class field trips, especially trips that are not put on school calendars until after our recital/rehearsal schedule comes out. If you have information concerning graduations (including 8th grade) and other school related activities that are already on your school’s June calendar, let me know ASAP in note form. I plan to start preliminary work on the recital schedule in November and December. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO ALREADY HAVE TURNED IN CONFLICT NOTES.

OUR ANNUAL HOLIDAY SHOWCASE – Our 11th Annual Holiday Showcase will be held SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15th at the Henry Ross Auditorium in Greendale High School. There will be 2 shows, a matinee at 2PM and an evening performance at 6PM. The theme of this year’s showcase is “A Candy Land Christmas” and will be presented at both 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. This is an amazing performance opportunity open to ALL dancers of ALL ages at Young Dance! Sign up for the Holiday Showcase will begin Saturday, October 6th at 8:00am. More information coming at the end of this week!

Thank you! Sandy Young & Staff


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Our Mission Statement: Dance training is a very special experience for children and adults. It is not only an enjoyable activity, but also one from which you can learn social graces, coordination, physical fitness, appreciation of the arts and a sense of pride and accomplishment. Our staff stresses technique and showmanship to encourage everyone to be the best they can be!

WELCOME & WELCOME BACK! – We are so happy you are here with us this season as we begin our 36th year of dance education! Please let us know immediately of any problems or concerns so we can help to make this year’s dance experience memorable for all. Please leave a message at the front desk or on our studio voicemail if you have any concerns so we can address any situation immediately. Many student placement changes are made within the first few weeks of classes to properly place students within classes that suit them best. We make it our priority to accommodate every dancer as best we can. We want everyone to have a great dance year, so please feel free to call with any issues you feel need to be addressed.

 MONTHLY NEWSLETTERS VIA EMAILMonthly newsletters are emailed to registered dancers whose current email addresses are on file at the studio.  Newsletters will not be handed out to dancers in class.  If you do not have access to email, your dancer can pick up a hard copy at the front desk beginning the first class of the month.  Newsletters contain important information and notify you of important dates, upcoming events and activities. Monthly newsletters may also be downloaded from our studio website at Visit the website for important announcements and upcoming events at YDA along with news about our alumni!

In addition to monthly newsletters, emails are sent from our studio email, These emails are reminders concerning upcoming events, studio closings, etc. Please remember to provide us with a current email address to stay updated on studio announcements.

YOUNG DANCE ACADEMY APPYoung Dance Academy has an app! Keep updated with all the latest information all in one convenient place! Simply search for Young Dance Academy in the Google Play or App store to get started. All of our monthly newsletters will be available within the app as well.

 SUMMER DANCE PROGRAMThank you to all of the dancers who took advantage of our 8-week summer dance program! Dancers were able to take class from many different teachers and try all genres of dance. Taking classes using our punch card system is a great way to enjoy your summer vacation and still continue to dance when it works into your schedule.

SUMMER INTENSIVE 2018 Thank you to all who enjoyed classes in our 6th annual summer dance intensive!  Master class teachers came from all over the country to teach our students for 2 weeks at the end of August. Plan to participate in the summer of 2018 during our 7th annual end of summer dance event!

 DANCEWEAR AND SHOE SALE – On Saturday, September 8th, we will be having a new and used dancewear and shoe sale from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Stop in to see if you can fulfill shoe and dancewear needs for your dancer instead of purchasing new shoes, etc. for fall classes.  You will definitely find some great deals! In addition, we will have many new dancewear items for you to purchase off the racks including Young Dance logo items! Stop in to take a look! Please note: The dancewear sale continues through the first week of classes, Monday, September 10th through Thursday, September 13th from 4:30 – 8:30pm.

SHOE ORDERS –At this time, we have many shoes in stock for you to purchase.  Any shoes that need to be ordered take 1 – 2 weeks to arrive. If your dancer does not have proper dance shoes for the first few weeks of class they may wear socks over their tights or go barefoot until their dance shoes arrive.

Please remember the shoes you order for class may not be the shoes you will need for the June recitals. You will be notified in January of the specific style and color shoe(s) your dancer(s) will need for the June recitals. Make sure your dancer is with you when you are ordering / purchasing shoes, as they need to be fitted for a size. If you choose to purchase ballet slippers somewhere other than the studio, please note that some retail stores market a mock “ballet slipper” that have slippery soles and no elastic straps. Please make sure you are purchasing a regulation ballet shoe, leather or canvas, with a suede sole and elastic straps.

MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENTSOCTOBER TUITION IS DUE THE FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER. All payments made after SATURDAY, October 6th are considered late and are subject to a $5.00 per week late fee charge. Please note, if you fail to pay your $5.00 per week late fee, it is recorded and you will be billed for any unpaid fees in April. Dancers do not receive costumes in April unless all unpaid fees are paid in full. A $20.00 service fee is charged on all returned checks. Please note: We do NOT send out reminders for monthly tuition payments. YOU ARE NOT SENT A MONTHLY BILL. Please visit our Parent Portal and select “Auto-Pay on the 1st” to avoid any late fees.

 MONTHLY GIFT CERTIFICATE RAFFLE – Dancers whose monthly tuition is paid by the 7th of each month are eligible for our $50 gift certificate raffle. NEW THIS YEAR – There is no need to fill out a raffle slip for our monthly YDA gift certificate raffle. Our computer generated raffle feature will choose a winner randomly from those who are paid by the 7th of each month. Our drawing is held on the 8th of each month. Gift certificates can be used for recital tickets or dancewear including shoes and tights. This season, gift certificates may also be used towards your monthly tuition payment.

IMPORTANT Monthly tuition payments are the same each month regardless of how many days/weeks of classes are held during any particular month. Vacation days are figured into our yearly calendar and each dancer receives the same number of classes per dance season regardless of which day of the week a class is held.


  • NO eating or drinking allowed beyond the lobby, including hallways, locker rooms and classrooms! Dancers may however bring capped water bottles to class if necessary. Make sure all aluminum cans/plastic bottles are emptied before placing them in the recycling receptacle located next to the beverage machine in the lobby. Please do not throw garbage into the recycling receptacle.
  • Dancers must adhere to the studio dress code including proper shoes and hairstyle. Please review the studio dress code printed in the studio brochure or on our website. NO “street” clothes of any kind!
  • Parents of preschool dancers – Please remember no leotards with skirts or tutus attached. Preschool dancers tend to “play” with their skirts and not focus as well on the activity of dance.

HALLWAY TRAFFIC – Please keep out of the hallways as much as possible and conversations to a bare minimum. Talking and other noises disturb ongoing classes. Parents need to remain in the lobby while classes are in session to keep hallways free of congestion. Do not sit in the hallway or classroom doorways at any time. Please do not be offended if a teacher closes their classroom door as students are easily distracted by hallway activity. We do appreciate your cooperation in this matter!

DRESSING ROOMS – There is no food or drink allowed in the dressing rooms at any time! All food and open drinks are to be consumed in the lobby only! We like to keep our facility pest free! Lockers are provided for the Technique Intensive Program dancers as they spend between 12–20 hours per week at the studio. NOTE: Only females are allowed in the girl’s dressing room. NO dads please! Males are only allowed in the boys’ dressing room.

Please hang jackets and sweaters on the hooks provided. Keep shoes and dance bags under the benches or next to the walls so dancers can move about the locker room without tripping over others’ belongings. MAKE SURE ALL SHOES (DANCE and STREET SHOES) AS WELL AS JACKETS AND COATS ARE MARKED WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME! Countless numbers of coats and shoes have been mistakenly taken home and never seen again. If you plan to bring money for refreshments, please bring it in a small coin purse and bring it into class with you. Teachers will keep it for you until after class. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ITEMS OF VALUE TO THE STUDIO AND LEAVE THEM UNATTENDED IN THE LOCKER ROOMS.

 THANKSGIVING VACATION – The studio will be closed for the entire week of Thanksgiving, Monday, November 19th through Saturday, November 24th.  I wanted to get this information to you as early as possible for those planning vacations. Classes will resume Monday, November 27th

 BEVERAGES & SNACKS – A beverage machine is located in our lobby with the following Pepsi products: Diet Pepsi Cherry, Mountain Dew, Brisk Fruit Punch, Brisk Lemonade, Aquafina Flavorsplash Raspberry, Aquafina bottled water, Fierce Green Apple Gatorade, G2 Grape Gatorade and Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. Prices range from 75¢ to $1.50. Water bottles in the classrooms only, no open cans please. We also have an array of snacks available for $1.00 each. Kraft Easy Mac is available as well for those who need a quick & easy dinner or snack for $1.50 each.

YDA’s Annual Halloween Dance Party 2018

Our annual Halloween Dance Party will be held on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Cost is $20.00 per dancer OR bring a friend not currently enrolled at Young Dance and you and your friend pay a discounted price of only $15.00 per person! Students age 4 & older only please (no parent supervision required.) Costumes are encouraged… prize giveaways for the best costumes! Snacks and juice provided along with crafts, games, dancing and MUCH MORE! Sign up TODAY at the front desk!  ALL profits from this event will benefit the dancers attending Dance Excellence 2020 in Los Angeles! Come dance the night away with your friends… we know you’ll have a SPOOK-tacular time!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask any one of our front desk staff and they would be happy to assist you in finding the answers you need!

Happy Dancing to All!

Sandy Young and Young Dance Academy’s Faculty & Staff


For any questions about our studio, contact us by calling (414) 768-9876!

  • Boogie 80% 80%
  • Groove 30% 30%
  • shake 40% 40%

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Friday: 4:30PM – 8:30PM
Saturday: 8:00AM - 3:00PM
Sunday: Closed