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Thank you all for your patience during this unprecedented time. We always have put our Young Dance families first, and this time is no exception. Please read our updates below for the most recent information regarding Young Dance Academy. 

Safety Precautions
  • We will rely on parents to check the temperature of their child at home before leaving for the studio. Of course, if your child has any signs of sickness, please keep them at home for a minimum of 72 hours.
  • All classes held in Studios 1 or 2 will have a 25-dancer limit with 1-5 instructors. All classes held in Studios 3 or 4 will have a 15-dancer limit with 1-5 instructors.
  • Check In Procedure: All room assignments are posted on the parent portal. Dancers should walk into the building and head directly to their classroom, while first dropping off their bag on a designated spot in the hallway or lobby (all while maintaining social distancing). Parents of dancers ages 7 and under may walk into the lobby to check their dancer into a class.
  • Our lobby will continue to be closed this season to parents and other guests.
  • Mask usage is up to each individual’s discretion and will be respected.
  • Our locker rooms will be closed at this time. Dancers should bring minimal and condensed items to the studio for their classes. All dancers will be leaving their personal items in the hallways. Please have your dancer dressed and ready for class when they come into the studio as we will not allow them to change in the restrooms.
  • Dancers should come to the studio with a full water bottle, as our drinking fountain will not be available for use.
  • Instructors will monitor social distancing throughout the duration of each class.
  • Check Out Procedure: Parents of dancers ages 7 and under may walk into the studio 5 minutes prior to the end of their dancer’s class and remain in the lobby (while maintaining social distancing) until their dancers are brought out to them. All other parents must meet their dancer outside our front door or in the parking lot in their cars. Please be reminded of our parking lot safety rules and avoid blocking traffic in and out of our studio parking lot. Please do not stop your vehicle at our front door to let your dancer out of your car.


We want to make certain that you know we are doing all we can to make our dancers and their families as safe as possible. It is important you watch the brief video below as it explains the steps that were taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our dancers, staff and Young Dance families.

Young Dance Academy, Inc., Oak Creek, WI

Young Dance Academy, Inc.
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