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 An Elevated Dance Experience

Young Dance Academy, Inc. formed the Technique Intensive (TI) Program to promote competitive dancers with a strong work ethic and enthusiasm. It also encourages discipline, responsibility, and to be supportive of each other in their representation of Young Dance Academy, Inc.

Dancers qualify for the program by showcasing their skill and talent during an annual audition. All members of TI must continue to participate in selected technique classes including, ballet, jazz, and tap during the regular dance school year. 

2019-2020 TECHNIQUE INTENSIVE (TI) PROGRAM AUDITIONS for our 2019-2020 season were held at the end of May 2019. Please see our front desk for any further questions regarding this program.

THE results are in!


24-Seven Competition And Scholarship Audition Results

24SEVEN COMPETITION AND SCHOLARSHIP AUDITION RESULTS – The results of the competition are listed below:


Ranking of Awards from Highest to Lowest: Stop the Clock, High Gold, Gold, High Silver, Silver, Bronze

Group: 4-9 dancers in the piece

Line: 10-15 dancers in the piece

Studio Showcase Award: This award is given to the routine that the judge’s feel best represents the studio. It may or may not be the highest score from the studio. It is simply what the judges remembered and liked the most.

11 O’Clock Number: This award is presented to the routines that the judges feel are, overall, the most technical AND entertaining. 

 Mini Category:

Another One Bites the Dust: High Gold Award, 1st Overall Mini Hip Hop

Breakfast In America: High Gold Award

Leaving On A Jet Plane: High Gold Award, 1st Overall Mini Tap, 2nd Overall Mini Line, 11 O’Clock Number

Menuetto: High Gold Award 1st Overall Mini Ballet

Rhythm Inside (Holden): High Gold Award, 5th Overall Mini Soloist

Tiny Dancer: High Gold Award, 1st Overall Mini Lyrical

 Junior Category:

Allegro: Stop the Clock Award, 1st Overall Junior Ballet, 3rd Overall Junior Group

Bee-Bom (Laila): High Gold Award

Guiding Light: High Gold Award

Happiness Does Not Wait (Dillon): Gold Award

Higher and Higher (Hannah): High Gold Award, 10th Overall Junior Soloist

Orange Colored Sky (Lauren): High Gold Award

Second Promise (Mackenzie): High Gold Award

Skeletons: High Gold Award

Stuff Like That (Katy): High Gold Award

Take On Me: Stop the Clock Award, 1st Overall Junior Tap, 1st Overall Junior Group, 11 O’Clock Number

Wanted: High Gold Award

Wrestle and Flow: High Gold Award, 1st Overall Junior Hip Hop

 Teen Category:

Blue Skies (Lily): High Gold Award

Dark Side (Isabella): High Gold Award

End of Love (Maggie): High Gold Award

Heard It Through the Grapevine (Emilee): High Gold Award

I’ll Be Seeing You (Rylie): Stop the Clock Award, 5th Overall Teen Soloist

It’s About Time: High Gold Award

I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Madison): Stop the Clock Award, 6th Overall Teen Soloist

Listen to the Music: Stop the Clock Award, 1st Overall Teen Tap, 1st Overall Teen Group, 11 O’Clock Number, Studio Showcase Number

Pep Rally: High Gold Award

Roll Up Your Sleeves: High Gold Award, 3rd Overall Teen Line

Soundclash: High Gold Award, 2nd Overall Teen Line

Souterrain: High Gold Award, 1st Overall Teen Ballet

Take It Easy: Stop the Clock Award, 1st Overall Teen Line

The Vow: High Gold Award, 3rd Overall Teen Group

Your Smiling Face (Julia): High Gold Award

 Senior Category:

A Lesson Lost (Kjerstin): High Gold Award, 5th Overall Senior Soloist

She’s A Lady (Savannah): High Gold Award, 9th Overall Senior Soloist

 The results of the scholarship auditions are listed below:

Mini Finalists: Holden Griffin (Non-Stop Dancer Winner) and Jack McKenzie (Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up)

 Mini High Five Awards: Ellie Ahlstrom (Tap), Clara Cigelske (Tap), Allyson Hass (Tap), Adelyn Lange (Tap), Aubrey Larson (Tap), Scarlett Nunn (Tap), Isabella Pangga (Tap), Gisele Schuster (Tap) and Alex Tanty (Tap)

 Junior Finalists: Laila Juneau (Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up), Mackenzie Keller (Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up) and Hannah Patterson (Non-Stop Dancer Winner)

 Junior High Five Awards: Lauren Greenmier (Tap), Dillon Kate Griffin (Tap), Kenadee Lueck (Tap) and Katy Sockett(Tap)

 Teen Finalists: Madison Lower (Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up), Isabella Machi (Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up), Julia Quartuccio (Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up), Maggie Roth (Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up) and Rylie Waldoch (Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up)

 Teen High Five Awards: Lily Haugen (Ballet) and Emilee McKenzie (Tap)

 Senior Finalists: Kjerstin Bartell (Non-Stop Dancer Runner Up) and Savannah Santos (Non-Stop Dancer Winner)

 Parent Dance Battle Finalist: Jess Cigelske

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  • Boogie 80% 80%
  • Groove 30% 30%
  • shake 40% 40%

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